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Iryna Bilyk


Iryna Bilyk, born in 1970 on April 6 in the capital of Ukraine, is known today as a composer and a rather popular singer.

The year 1989 was remembered for the singer by the fact that she was a participant in the "Chervona Ruta" festival. In 1990, she helped the members of the Ajax team to launch the Tsey Dosch Nadovgo project, which a year later already successfully worked with the Rostislav-Show company.

In 1992 she performed at the Slavianski Bazaar. After some time, the artist began to shoot a professional video for the composition "Your Liche". 1993 marked the end of the music school for the star.

In 1994, she first demonstrated herself as the host of the New Year's Night program at UT-1.

A year later, Irina organizes the Nova tour, performing throughout Ukraine. The same tour also included the debut large-scale performance at the Ukraine Palace.

These tours were generally recognized as the first in the entire existence of Ukrainian music.

1996 - the artist is a participant of the "Tavria Games".

A year later, the released track "It's So Simple" became the leader in all charts and was recognized as the best.

2000 - presentation of the pop-rock collection "OMA".

In the summer of 2004, the singer recorded her debut Russian-language collection "Lyubov Yad". In less than the first two weeks of sales, the number of discs sold exceeded 100 thousand, in connection with which the album was declared platinum.

In 2005, Irina again starts touring Ukraine with a new collection of hits.

In 2006, the girl deservedly won the Showbiz AWARD. A year later she became a member of the "Dancing with the Stars - 2" project. Also actively participates in other popular television programs.

In 2011, she was offered to become one of the respected jury of the fourth "Star Factory".

2014 - presentation of the next music collection "Dawn". After which the girl again went on tour "Krasche" in support of this collection with the popular hit "Dawn" included in it.

2015 - Irina's grandiose solo performance titled "About Love" took place in the national palace "Ukraine", where she presented to everyone the duet version of the composition "Lonely", which was included in the collection "Farbi" of 1998. The song was performed together with Natalia Mogilevskaya.

In the same year, in the springtime, the world saw a video for the single "Shout" from the collection "Dawn". In addition, Bilyk took part in a concert dedicated to Kuzma Scriabin, where the duet song "Movchati" sounded with Slava Vakarchuk.

A few months later, the singer is organizing another amazing performance in the capital, where her fans had the opportunity to hear tracks in a completely new sound. Singer Irina Bilyk, whose albums are approximately 56 units, makes it possible to choose songs for every taste, to all the most sophisticated listeners. For all admirers of Irina Bilyk's work, you can always download songs on the youtube channel. Singer Irina Bilyk planned to surprise her listeners with songs of 2018.

In early autumn, she presented the musical composition "Shoes" and a video for it, which have been waiting for their release since 2006.

To this day, the girl does not stop developing, and, despite the fact that she is already 47 years old, she still looks great and sings.